About Us

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Mollie Beach

Mollie may have obtained her degree in Middle Grades Education from Valdosta State University, but after several semesters of helping her brother write and shoot short films, her love for stories and moviemaking won out. In addition to wearing the title of Editor-in-Chief at The Digital Shore, Mollie also spends an absurd amount of time keeping up with movie news, writing reviews, and compiling podcast scripts for Above The Line. 

Mollie has yet to meet a nerdy franchise she doesn't enjoy, so be prepared for long diatribes about hobbits, Hogwarts, Baker Street, and why Captain America is the best Avenger. While she’s nearing thirty, she’s still waiting for either her Hogwarts letter to arrive in the mail or for the Eleventh Doctor to show up on her doorstep with the TARDIS. While she waits, she watches Marvel and Star Wars films way more than she should and tries her hand at writing her own screenplays.

Currently enjoying: This Is Us, The Resident (and seeing one of my best friends as an extra in the show), New Girl, and Harry Potter (That’s right. Always.)

Feel free to email her any questions, concerns, or random comments to: mollie@thedigitalshore.com 

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Jonathan Beach

Jonathan is the guy behind all of the technical happenings at Above The Line. Jonathan graduated from Valdosta State University with a degree in Mass Media, and his specialty was in video production. He is the one editing together Movie Review Monday videos every week, and he has the best radio voice around, hence his contribution to The Shot List. He has a blooming collection of Pop Figures and owns enough Harry Potter wands to be ashamed of himself. He has a deep set love for technology and is basically a modern day Tony Stark without the billionaire playboy status… and the iron suit.

If asked, Jonathan can tell you all the latest and greatest developments in the Apple franchise, mobile tech, upcoming cinema events, and most areas of nerdom. Jonathan has a certain affinity for all things Star Wars and Star Trek, and while he is not a huge comic book reader, he still gets pretty excited to discuss Marvel and DC films. When he’s not editing video or brainstorming short films, he can probably be found watching Jurassic Park for the thousandth time. 

Currently enjoying: Top Gear reruns, The Grand Tour, and Stranger Things….still. 

Jonathan is quite adept at responding to emails, so feel free to contact him at: Jonathan@thedigitalshore.com