Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Over the weekend, we were finally able to go see the much anticipated tale as old as time. As our showtime on Saturday approached, we were becoming increasingly aware of the mixed reviews it was receiving. After seeing it, though, I think Jonathan and I are both baffled as to how there are mixed reviews. This live-active remake was just as beautiful as the original with some small enhancements and changes incorporated along the way. 

I must first applaud the casting director before we go any further because I found each person to perfectly fit the roles they played. Emma Watson was dazzling; Dan Stevens presented a compelling Beast, and there could not have been a better Gaston than Luke Evans. I had my doubts previously as to whether Ewan McGregor could pull off the French accent of Lumiere, but I was pleasantly surprised that he sounded wonderful. The music was just as gorgeous as the original, and the three new songs fit perfectly into the narrative. I didn’t have as much trouble with the look of the Beast unless it was a shot that contained a lot of bright light, but even then, it did not distract me from the story they were crafting. 

At the end of the day, this movie is a tribute to the movie generations have loved since 1991. There were some minor charges and additions made, but I found them to be welcome changes. It’s nice to know why Belle’s mother is not around; it’s nice to see a previous throwaway character like LeFou have a purpose. The two biggest changes that stuck out in my mind both helped make the story even more compelling. The first of those changes was that the spell erased the prince and his staff from the minds of everyone else. It seemed to be such a small detail but one they utilized well at several points through the film. Perhaps my favorite change, though, was that the castle itself and the objects died a little and became a little less human with every falling petal of the rose. It was a powerful, visual reminder of what was coming if the spell was not broken. 

Overall, this movie is becoming one of my favorites of the year so far, but it is only March. With a $174.8 million domestic opening weekend, I think it’s safe to say that audiences will continue to enjoy the magic of Beauty and the Beast for several more weeks. 

So, let us know: what did you think of Disney’s latest adaptation? Were you as enchanted as we were? Comment below! 

Mollie BeachComment