For Your Consideration: Best Directing

Last week we started a new blog series to break down the nominees in several of the Oscar categories. We began with Best Original Song, and we will eventually make our way through such categories as Best Picture and Best Actress in a Leading Role. We also gave our prediction for the best song category, which is something you can expect to see at the bottom of the blog every week for this series. Today we are exploring the nominees for Best in Directing, although there is one that we will be unable to speak about in any kind of detail.

Nevertheless, let’s break down the nominees and how they managed to grab the nomination.

1) BlacKkKlansman, Spike Lee

Spike Lee has had more than a few hits in his time as a director, but BlacKkKlansman is rightfully getting a lot of love this awards season. Not only did Lee cast vision for the film and stay involved in post-production as directors do, but he also helped write this intriguing, true story about an African-American detective that infiltrates the KKK. He managed to connect this story with events in current day, and it is that parallel and editing style that helped secure the nomination. He also brought out some killer performances from John David Washington and Adam Driver, which is another factor into this nomination.  

2) Cold War, Pawel Pawlikowski

So, this is the one nominee in this category where I can offer no personal thoughts. This one has yet to arrive at our theater, but I’m hearing great things about this love story that lasts through the years.

Here’s to hoping that we can actually comment on this one soon!

3) The Favourite, Yorgos Lanthimos

This comedic period piece has been a favorite this award season, which is no surprise since it is directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. He manages to blend the dark and quirky together in almost every film he directs, and The Favourite is no exception. He brings out the best in each of the main actresses, two of which he has worked with in the past. Also, his use of different angles and fisheye lens make for an interesting viewing experience that adds to this unique movie about power and control.

4) Roma, Alfonso Cuarón

Roma is another unique viewing experience full of unexpected choices. Not only did Cuarón choose to utilize a black-and-white color scheme to go along with the bleakness present in this story, but he also utilizes silence as much as he does noise. Cuarón is comfortable with long, extended shots, and it is his patience that makes Roma such an impactful watch. This along with a great performance particularly from newcomer Yalitza Aparicio easily secures Cuarón another nomination for directing.

5) Vice, Adam McKay

For someone who started with comedies like Anchorman, Adam McKay has progressed to comedy on a whole different level. McKay wrote Vice as well, and he leans into the ridiculous and ironic in this film. He, too, employs an interesting editing style that merges current day footage with the events of Cheney’s life and career. Its style is quite similar to his previous film, The Big Short, and between these sensibilities and the performances he brings out of literally every person in the cast, it’s no surprise to see McKay land here again.

Since we have given some thoughts on each nominee, who do we think will take the category?

Our Pick: While I think that all of these nominees have the potential to take the category, I think that awards darling, Roma and Alfonso Cuarón will end up taking the category. Roma has received ten nominations this year, and I think it’s probably on track to take Best Directing as well as a few others.

So, stay tuned next week as we discuss the nominees from another Oscars category!

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