Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Over the weekend, we were finally able to go see the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. This film was securely placed on mine and Jonathan’s lists for most anticipated films of 2017. With the original cast being joined by Kurt Russell, Pom Klementieff, and Elizabeth Debicki, there was only excitement going into the theater on Saturday. We went in expecting a fun, hilarious sequel for our favorite band of misfits, and Director James Gunn completely delivered on that expectation. 

As many promos and clips that we saw, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the plot of the film was not ruined by the promotions. I’m going to try to avoid any spoilers here in my rundown, but essentially, the film begins with the guardians fighting off a threat for a people group called the Sovereign. They are successful, but of course, some complications arise from this encounter. The most complicated development, though, is Starlord’s father, Ego, arriving on the scene. Quill has always wondered about his father, and a lot of his questions are answered as he, Gamora, and Drax set off with Ego. This leaves Rocket and Baby Groot, who is the cutest thing ever, with trying to repair their ship in their absence. There are more developments as the Ravagers and Yondu arrive on the scene, and eventually, they all have to come together to fight one more evil in the universe.  

Now, like I said, no spoilers, but I will say that there is a strong theme of family that runs through the film. There’s the relationship with Quill and Ego; there’s the relationship with Gamora and Nebula. Then, of course, there’s the relationships between all of the guardians since they kind of make up their own dysfunctional family. There are quite a few heartwarming moments amidst this hilarious adventure, and this theme of family does bring a lot of heart to the film. It’s a theme we can all connect with on some level. 

When I say that the film is hilarious, I do mean that it leaves you laughing through every step of this adventure. Drax, played by Dave Bautista, really does steal the show a lot in terms of humor, especially in his conversations with Mantis. Baby Groot also keeps you laughing as he dances his way through the opener and watches everything happen with wide eyes. The banter between all of the characters makes Guardians as iconic as it is, and I’m laughing even now as I think of how James Gunn has permanently changed the way I’ll look at Mary Poppins. Gunn has a certain brand of humor, and while parts of it can be crude, it still keeps you laughing and entertained throughout the entire film. 

Now, I will say that if you have young children, I would advise you not to take them. As I mentioned before, some of the humor can be crude, so that’s a disclaimer. As far as story goes, the latter half of the movie is better than the first half. It’s a little disjointed in the beginning as you try to figure out where exactly everyone is and what state the universe is in. However, you normally don’t notice any gaps in the story because Gunn and the cast do keep you so thoroughly entertained. I think it’s one of the better sequels in the MCU, but in my opinion, nothing can compete with Captain America: Winter Soldier in the sequel area. Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is just as entertaining as the first, and it continues the fun that we’ve come to associate with Quill, Gamora, and the rest of the team. 

So, if you saw Guardians this weekend, let us know! What did you think? Did you love Baby Groot as much as we did? Comment below and let us know! 

Mollie BeachComment