Film Review- The Lego Batman Movie

I feel like I’m a little behind the times with this review, but when you’ve been traveling, this is sometimes the best you can do. My brother and I finally saw this popular animated movie last week, and it was even better than I was expecting. The Lego Movie truly exceeded my expectations with its heartwarming moments, and this second addition to the Lego franchise was no different. 

Before we get to the heart of the film, I must say that all of the voice talent was top notch. Will Arnett pulls off Batman’s countenance perfectly, and Michael Cera, voicing a young, exuberant Robin, was perfect. Rosario Dawson has become a favorite of mine recently with her roles throughout the Marvel Netflix series, and she was just as valuable of an addition to this cast as Barbara Gordon. Thank you also to Warner Brothers for having Voldemort… I mean Ralph Fiennes… voice the beloved character of Alfred. These voices and many more helped make this movie such a success. 

For any true Batman fan, this movie pays homage to every reincarnation of Batman that has hit any screen. They even do a throw back to the Adam West days of “bam” and “kapow.” They also manage to include the many villains Batman has faced though the years and capture the complicated rivalry he has with his archenemy, The Joker. Chris McKay and the Warner Brothers team captured the essence of the character of Batman and the issues this character has from being abandoned as a kid after the murder of his parents. Even as they poke fun at his billionaire, “hot guy” status, they tell the story of a crime-fighting orphan who has to come to the conclusion that he cannot save everyone all by himself and maybe he doesn’t have to. 

It will keep you laughing and even provides some heartfelt moments along the way. And while I am trying to avoid spoilers, let’s just say that the Lego team has also set itself up for more Lego favorites to come to the big screen in the future. After this movie, I can confidently say I’m looking forward to the next movie in the Lego franchise, The Lego Ninjago Movie. If you haven’t checked out this movie yet and consider yourself an avid Batman fan, do yourself a favor and buy a ticket today.