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While we are impatiently awaiting the release of Avengers: Endgame in theaters next week, we continue our look back at the MCU’s many origin stories. We are coming to a close on this series having covered everything so far from The Incredible Hulk and Thor to Doctor Strange. This leads us to the origin story of our youngest Avenger at the moment, Spider-Man. Released in July of 2017, Spider-Man: Homecoming was directed by Jon Watts and written by Watts, Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, Christopher Ford, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers. The film debuted Tom Holland as our official Spider-Man in the MCU and saw Robert Downey, Jr. reprise his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man. The film’s cast also included Jon Favreau, Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Donald Glover, and Michael Keaton as the villain, Vulture. The film went on to earn over $880 million worldwide, and Peter Parker’s story will be expanded more this summer in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

So, what moments stand out in this origin for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?

1) The Unlocked Suit

While there are a lot of moments in the first act of the film that establish how much Peter has to grow, this sequence begins to show just how little he knows. He has Ned unlock all of his suit’s capabilities, and while he might be able to run around Washington D.C. without a tracker, he is also faced with more options than he can handle. He hilariously has no idea what enhanced combat mode looks like and is horrified to hear about the possibility of killing someone. He lands on his face at the abandoned gas station when he does not realize his web shooter settings have changed, and he has more than a few mishaps with taser webs and the other 576 combinations available. He puts up a valiant effort against Vulture as he tries to rob the truck, but Peter still ends up with a concussion at the end of it.

Also, this sequence ends with him having a lengthy discussion with “suit lady” (a.k.a. Karen) and showcases the impatience of a fifteen-year-old kid being stuck and experimenting with all of his web shooting options.

**Copyright and Property of Sony Pictures Releasing

**Copyright and Property of Sony Pictures Releasing

2) Saving His Classmates

This whole sequence has a lot of stakes and manages to incorporate humor within the tension. The way it’s edited is fantastic as the guide tries to reassure the people in the elevator and Karen simultaneously emphasizes that they are definitely not safe. I also appreciate Karen calmly informing Peter that he could fall and die since his emergency parachute has not been replaced. This sequence showcases some truly heroic moments from Peter and some beautiful visuals as he flips over the helicopter to get inside the monument. He saves his friends and classmates, and of course, he enjoys a moment of success only to unceremoniously fall down the elevator shaft.

3) The Ferry Fallout

Peter has continuously found himself in over his head throughout the story, but this is the crux of that journey. He leaves detention and finds out that the criminals he’s looking for will be on a ferry. The sequence provides plenty of action with Spider-Man latching onto Vulture several times and saving several of the FBI agents. However, the real action comes as he hurriedly tries to keep this ferry together. He speedily weaves in and around parts of the boat only to find out it’s not enough. The visual of him in the middle of the separating boat, pulling with all of his might is one of the greatest visuals of the film. His efforts aren’t good enough, but thankfully, Iron Man is there to save the day.

The real power of this sequence comes in the conversation afterward with Tony and Peter. Tony feels responsible for Peter, and it’s moving to see Tony in this father like role. It’s also insightful as Tony reminds Peter that if he feels like he is nothing without the suit, then he shouldn’t have it. It’s a powerful dialogue between the two and a catalyst of change for Peter.

**Copyright and Property of Sony Pictures Releasing

**Copyright and Property of Sony Pictures Releasing

4) Meeting The Dad

Even after countless viewings of this film, this moment still holds up. It was a shocking moment in the theater, and I will never forget the gasp that rippled through the audience with this reveal. Peter has made a huge turnaround in his life, finally embracing the regular high school life that he should. He and the audience are completely caught up in preparing for the dance, and then in an instant the enemy of Spider-Man is right in front of him. The fun music from the previous sequence even abruptly stops to accent this moment. Tom Holland makes this sequence memorable with his awkward responses and strained smiles, and Michael Keaton also shines in this scene.

Of course, the following car ride to the dance is pivotal as Toomes realizes Peter’s true identity. Their tension filled conversation is one of my favorite moments in the film and why it deserves this spot on the list.

BONUS: While there were several other moments that I feel had to go on this list, I cannot pass by Spider-Man in interrogation mode. Donald Glover is hilarious, and I really appreciate that his advice centers around Peter needing to be better at this part of the job. Also, Peter leaving him stuck to the trunk with ice cream melting makes for a great interaction between the two.

So, what moments stand out for you from Spider-Man: Homecoming? Where does it rank among the MCU origins for you?

Be sure to let us know in the comments, and catch up with us next week as we wrap up our countdown to Avengers: Endgame with one last origin story.

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