Summer Catch: Something's Gotta Give

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In our quest for some fun summer movies, we have found ourselves steeped in quite a few favorites from the 80’s. Today we depart from that with the romantic comedy, Something’s Gotta Give. Written and directed by Nancy Meyers, the film from 2003 finds two completely opposite people falling for one another in unusual circumstances. Diane Keaton stars as Erica Barry while Jack Nicholson co-stars as Harry Sanborn. The film’s cast also includes Keanu Reeves, Amanda Peet, Frances McDormand, Jon Favreau, and Paul Michael Glaser. While the film received generally favorable reviews, it is Keaton’s and Nicholson’s performances that have been celebrated with several nominations. 

So, what makes this movie suitable for a summer watch? 

**Copyright and Property of Sony Pictures Releasing & Warner Bros. Pictures

**Copyright and Property of Sony Pictures Releasing & Warner Bros. Pictures

The Atmosphere

Nancy Meyers is known for her stories with pristine settings in sunny places, and Something’s Gotta Give is no exception. Set in the Hamptons, the setting for the majority of the film is perfect for summer. A whirlwind of whites and blues, Erica Barry’s house is a welcome escape from the normally busy nature of the city and life in general. 

Seriously, watching these characters walk around that beach and having a picnic makes us long for a last-minute summer trip to some sandy destination. 

Simplest of Stories

Honestly, the heart of this movie is simple but effective. It’s one of the oldest stories out there. Two people who cannot stand each other end up falling for one another, and who doesn’t love a good summer love story? While we’ve watched this type of story play out countless times, it still manages to be heartwarming. A lot of this has to do with Keaton and Nicholson’s performances, but it also has to do with it not focusing on people in their twenties. The characters of Erica and Harry are older and have had successful lives, but this also causes them to have complicated backstories. 

Their age, unique personalities, and differing histories add a nice twist to a favorite storyline in the literary world. 

**Copyright and Property of Sony Pictures Releasing & Warner Bros. Pictures

**Copyright and Property of Sony Pictures Releasing & Warner Bros. Pictures

The Laughs

Keaton and Nicholson both received a lot of attention for their performances in this movie, but honestly, the circumstances themselves keep the audience laughing. The beginning of the film with Erica, Zoe, Marin, and Harry all cohabitating in the same house sets up a hilarious premise that only gets funnier as Harry experiences health issues and becomes a consistent presence in the house. Keaton’s many breakdowns and rants only further the laughs as does the inconvenient health issues Harry continues to face. Erica’s new play also exploits all of the unusual and hilarious set of circumstances they face. 

Needless to say, the performances and dialogue only add to the funny moments that the story itself naturally generates. 

So, would you add a rom com like Something’s Gotta Give to your summer watch list? 

Comment, and let us know! And stay tuned next week as move onto a new blog series for September.  

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