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With summer in full swing, it only seems right to cover the latest releases on various streaming platforms. There are plenty of old favorites and new releases hitting services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and summer is the perfect time for television binges and indoor movie marathons. We’ll be reviewing some of these movies over the next couple of weeks, but first I think we should give a rundown of what is hitting these streaming services. So, which new and upcoming releases might be worth your time this summer, and what are they about?

**Copyright and Property of Netflix

**Copyright and Property of Netflix

Current Offerings:

Netflix Films

Always Be My Maybe- This newer release is currently holding down the romantic comedy genre on the streaming platform. This film starring Randall Park and Ali Wong follows two childhood friends with a romantic past who reconnect twenty years later. The humor, two leads, and Keanu Reeves make this one a fun summer movie to add to your list. 

Triple Frontier- This heist movie has a stellar cast and follows a group of special forces who accept a high-paying operation that utilizes their unique skills. This film from J.C Chandon is a pretty good action thriller to add to your summer movie list. 

Dumplin’- This coming-of-age film will tug at your heartstrings and have you tapping along to Dolly Parton songs. It follows a plus-size teenager who enters a local beauty pageant, which her former beauty queen mother runs. Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald bring a lot of heart and comedy to this story and make it worth the watch. 

The Fundamentals of Caring- This one is taking it back to 2016 and stars Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts, and Selena Gomez. The film follows a writer who becomes a disabled teen’s caregiver and the impromptu road trip that follows. Both comedic and dramatic, this poignant story is a slightly different option for the summer lineup. 

Someone Great- This movie is headlined by Gina Rodriguez, DeWanda Wise, and Brittany Snow as three best friends having one more night out on the town. The story really focuses on Rodriguez’s character, Jenny, dealing with a breakup with her longtime boyfriend, but it’s a funny, wild ride of a movie that would suit a girls night in. 

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**Copyright and Property of Paramount Pictures

Studio Releases

Indiana Jones (all 4)- All four of the Indiana Jones films are available for streaming. It’s Harrison Ford. It’s action and humor rolled into adventure after adventure. Do I really need to say more? 

Gremlins- An 80’s classic should always appear on a summer movie list. Gremlins is a comedy horror film, and while not suitable for the whole family, it is an enjoyable flick with some interesting creatures. 

Get Smart- This is a ridiculous comedy from 2008 based on the long running television series from Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. Starring Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson, and Alan Arkin, this spy comedy follows the analyst Maxwell Smart and his dream of becoming a field agent.  

47 Meters Down- Since Jaws is no longer available on the streaming service, 47 Meters Down gets to take the spot of the obligatory shark movie. What summer movie list can be complete without characters trying to survive a killer shark? 

Julie & Julia- Released back in 2009, this drama follows two true stories about women and their adventures in cooking. Honestly, this is a fun film with stories and dishes to inspire. 

The Incredibles 2- We always need a movie on the list for the whole family, and a Pixar film is always a good choice. This superhero adventure is hilarious for parents and exciting for the kids, so it is sure to please for a family summer movie night. 

**Copyright and Property of Netflix

**Copyright and Property of Netflix

Upcoming Releases:

Netflix Films

July is a pretty heavy month for television releases like Stranger Things 3 and Season 7 of Orange is the New Black. However, here a couple of Netflix releases to eye: 

Point Blank- Starring Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo, this action thriller is a remake of the 2010 French action film of the same name. Its follows a nurse’s aide whose pregnant wife is kidnapped, and it hits Netflix on July 12th. 

The Red Sea Diving Resort- The biographical drama film stars Chris Evans, Haley Bennett, Michael K. Williams, and Michiel Huisman. It follows Mossad agents attempting to rescue and evacuate Jewish-Ethiopians to Israel from Sudan in 1981. It hits Netflix on July 31st.  

**Copyright and Property of Warner Bros.

**Copyright and Property of Warner Bros.

Studio Releases

Caddyshack- A cult favorite, the 1980 golf film stars Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, Michael O’Keefe, and Bill Murray. The sports comedy is now considered one of the funniest sports movies ever made, and its sequel is also hitting the streaming service. 

Cloverfield- This 2008 monster film is shot as found footage and follows five New York City residents. It’s spurred an entire franchise and offers a more thrilling title to the summer movie offerings.  

Mean Streets- How can we not include a Scorsese film on the list? This American crime film follows an Italian-American man in New York City named Charlie and was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. 

Rain Man- This comedy-drama is a Best Picture winner but also just a genuinely moving film. Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are at their best in this one, which earns its spot on notable films hitting Netflix this month.  

Road House- It’s a late 80’s action film, and it stars Patrick Swayze as a bouncer. You’re welcome for adding it to the list. 

Taxi Driver- I know this is the second Scorsese film we’re adding to the list, but honestly, this is another award-winning film that you cannot pass over. This psychological thriller arguably contains one of Robert De Niro’s best performances and is generally considered as one of the greatest films of all time. 

The Hangover- This Todd Phillips comedy was a massive hit in 2009 and has also spurred its own franchise. If you’re looking for a raunchy summer comedy that is cleverly written, then The Hangover has to place among the top of your list. 

Mary Poppins Returns- Disney’s sequel to the 1964 musical finds Emily Blunt embodying the character of Mary Poppins. This return to Cherry Tree Lane is the kind of whimsical adventure perfect for summer and the whole family. 

Inglorious Basterds- You either love or hate Tarantino films, but we’re still adding it to the list of films to note on Netflix this summer. This R-rated alternative history story of two plots to assassinate Hitler is a combination of dramatic, funny, and incredibly violent. 

So, which of these films will you be adding to your summer movie list? Comment and let us know!

Also, stay tuned next week as we cover some more summer movies to check out on another streaming service. 

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