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When it comes to holiday films, we have an abundance of Halloween and Christmas inspired flicks. Honestly, we’ll review holiday films next month and have more than enough to choose from, and for October, we had no shortage of creepy classics to feature. However, with November upon us, it seemed appropriate to talk about some great Thanksgiving movies. Overall, though, I have found that the supply for Thanksgiving centric films are a little few and far between. So, while we will cover some Thanksgiving movies at some point this month, we’re also just going to talk about some movies with some hilarious or entertaining Thanksgiving scenes. 

With that said, the first film we’re going to talk about is an unexpected choice. Judd Apatow’s 2009 film, Funny People, is not about Thanksgiving. Instead, it is an R-rated movie about a comedian who receives a terrible diagnosis and evaluates the relationships in his life. The movie stars Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, and Leslie Mann. It has an abundance of inappropriate jokes and awkward humor, but the real reason we’re talking about it is because it includes one scene that involves a Thanksgiving dinner. 

So, why single out this one scene out of this particular movie?

**Copyright and Property of Universal Pictures

**Copyright and Property of Universal Pictures

1) Friendsgiving Drama

I realize that not everyone may have had the joy of celebrating Friendsgiving, but personally, this is something we do every year. It is never actually on Thanksgiving day because of our families, but we always have an event like this. Maybe that’s why I appreciate this scene in the film. Regardless, this is a scene that seems to contain real drama. The roommates are fighting over both important and unimportant stuff. Plus, when do you cram a lot of people in a room together and not experience tension? 

Whenever he witnesses one of the arguments, Adam Sandler’s character makes the comment that it’s “starting to feel like Thanksgiving now.” It’s a sentiment that makes me chuckle and is often the reality for many on that day. 

2) An Awkward Interaction

Sure, there are arguments with the roommates, but there is also a super awkward interaction between the characters of Ira and Daisy. Daisy slept with one of the roommates whenever she and Ira were supposed to go on a date, so it does not get much more awkward than that. I appreciate the awkward position that Ira finds himself in when she shows up for Thanksgiving dinner, and the back and forth between he and Daisy is pretty funny for someone who enjoys awkward humor. 

3) George’s Speech

While this scene contains drama and awkward humor, the real hallmark of this scene is the blessing before the meal. It is technically more of a toast, but it is one of the only redemptive moments for the character of George. He is facing this life-threatening illness, and while he makes a joke about being thankful to be with friends instead of family, he really touches on the goodness of being together. He gives a speech about enjoying the time you have because it all slips away so quickly and heralds staying in touch with the people you love. 

It is a nice moment in the midst of this movie and makes this scene truly feel like a Thanksgiving meal.  

So, it’s definitely not a Thanksgiving movie, but it has one funny Friendsgiving meal in the midst of it. Have you ever watched this scene? Is George’s speech your favorite part? Comment and let us know. 

Stay tuned next week as we look at another movie that ties into the Thanksgiving holiday in some way. 

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